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“We loved the flex-based layout. What a time-saver!”

Jonathan Wilson
Los Angeles Customer

“We were up 50% after just one month.”

Joanna Williamson
Los Angeles Customer
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Build it modular with Panels

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Hi! Hopefully we’ll get to know you in real life soon.  In the meantime, here’s a bit about us as written by a single member of the team with little to no oversight.

About Us

It's demo time, anytime

Not convinced?

Here are some common questions.
Will I have to replace my hardware?
It depends on what hardware you have currently. Hello is web based, so it runs on anything connected to the internet. There are only two pieces of hardware that have specific requirements. The first is the credit card machine which comes programmed (1 per lane). The second is an Epson thermal receipt printer, which has to be able to print over IP.
How long does installation take?
It varies depending on your own bandwidth, but we recommend penciling in 60 days on the calendar between start and go-live. The primary bottle neck we encounter is cycle times with campus IT to complete the campus data integration. Visit our onboarding page to see every step and estimated timelines.
Are you PCI compliant?
Yes. We use CardConnect to process all payments with Point to Point Encryption (P2PE). No cardholder data is ever processed, stored, or transmitted from Hello. Having said that, we do perform PCI audits via Security Metrics and can provide our Attestation of Compliance to you upon request.
Do you sell hardware?
Nope. But we know what you need and help you locate it and get all setup (remotely).
How many lanes can I have?
Unlimited. We do not charge by lane.
How many users can I have?
Unlimited. We do not charge by user. Add and delete users at will.
How do demos work?
We normally kick off with a simple 20 minute tour. If you like what you see we schedule another longer call to visit more product workflows. But we're also flexible. If you're serious and needing a lot of answers right away, we're ready for a longer demo on a moment's notice.
Do you connect to financial aid?
Yes. We've integrated with most every student information system to get financial aid flowing directly through your store and updating your campus information systems accordingly.
Can I sell remotely?
Hello is entirely web based, so it runs anywhere you have a wifi connection. To power up remote sales like a pro, you’d just choose a mobile option credit card reader.
Can I use my own credit card processor?
In the words of Henry Ford, you can have any processor you want, as long as it's CardConnect :). There can be rare exceptions. But in general, no, we don’t manage custom card integrations. Card Connect is a trusted brand with top cloud security and very competitive rates.
Do you do physical inventory?
Yes, it’s awesome. You can do a full physical inventory, or cycle count items or sections of your store without ever closing your doors. You can also choose to physical inventory just your books, just your GM, etc.
Is an eCommerce website part of the deal?
Yes, it’s 100% integrated real time, and it's awesome. No double entry. No delays. It accepts financial aid, gift cards, all the normal stuff you'd expect. And it's ADA compliant. You have tons of control of your site.
Is the eCommerce site ADA compliant?
We built the site for ADA compliance, yes. And we run tests against it to test for compliance regularly. Compliance also relies on you to provide alt tags, etc., but we make that obvious and easy to do.
Do you connect to my accounting software?
We aren't an accounting system, but we are beginning to offer integrations to external accounting software. The reports within Hello provide the data for completing accounting tasks.
Can I see the product?
For sure. If you head to our features page, you'll see over 50 video clips of the software. And we'd love to take you on a 20 minute live tour anytime.
How long are your contracts?
Most partnerships signs a 3-year agreement. But we operate everywhere from month to month agreements to five-year terms. We are massively committed to a long-term partnership but have flexibility in the executing of the contract in a way that meets your organization's requirements.
Is Hello part of another organization?
Hello's beginning was at Sidewalk, but was acquired in 2019 by a large company in the higher ed space. This has given the product a team, resources, experience, and exceptionally long-term vision to carry the product into the future.
How do you train users?
We start with an intuitive interface which reduces the learning curve in big ways. We do as much live training as is necessary to get your team up and running. This usually means two 2-hour training sessions with your staff. We also have over 100 help articles inside the system itself.
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Build it with Panels.

Modular and versatile.

The ultimate design toolkit for savvy technology startups.
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