Feature Friday | Coupons and Promotions

This week we’re talking about coupons and promotions. Whether creating codes or automatic promotions, it's super duper easy with Hello. Grab some Swedish fish and settle in! Watch this video to see it in action.


Hey, it’s Feature Friday, yet again!

Let’s jump in. This is going to be fun. This week we’re talking about coupons and promotions.

I’m going to hop in and put a bunch of tee shirts on sale. First of all, let me go to our eCommerce website and we’re going to put our Life is Good tee shirts on sale. Right now the tee shirts are here. You can see the prices. They are just full price like normal. I have like 8 tee shirts here. And my price you can see there’s no strike through or anything like that.

Let me hop into our coupons module and let’s set up the coupon for the Life is Good shirts.

Real quick: you can search for a coupon and that will narrow your list of coupons to whatever you search for in real time. Or you can toggle to show archived and you’ll see all of your old coupons that are expired. A lot of times you don’t want those in your face so we keep that toggle off (so you’re only seeing your active coupons).

I’m going to create new coupon. The coupon name is going to be “happytees”. We’re going to start it today. We’ll end it at the end of the month. You can run this as long as you want. Let’s set up the discount amount. Let’s say we’re doing a huge sale . 25% off. And we have a choice to make here. We can either apply this automatically or we can create a coupon code.

The first thing I’m going to do is a coupon code called ‘happytees’. So that’s the structure of my coupon right there. The time box, the amount, and I can of course do dollar amount, a percent, or I could make everything a fixed price with this coupon.

Now I’m going to hop over and attach products to that. So the way coupons work is you build your coupon and then attach products in a variety of ways. One way is to attach a financial reporting category. You might call this a department, class, subclass. Attach it that way. You can attach web categories. You can attach products themselves. Do a search for products, (I’m searching shoes). Pick the shoes you want to add. You can add products over here and you can remove them. Super duper easy to add whatever products you want to your coupon. Or you can add a manufacturer.

In our case today, I’m going to add a manufacturer. Let’s do the Life is Good tee shirt company. So I’ve got my manufacturer, I have my coupon details, and I’m going to hit “create”.

That coupon is now here. It’s called happytees.

Let’s hop back over to the website. You can see that since I have used a coupon code, these shirts all appear to be full price. I’m going to add them to cart. Of course I know that they are on sale with a coupon code. So in the checkout I can come in and enter the promo code. Now my code is applied and I can see I just got 25% off of that shirt.

“really easy to build coupon codes. To apply them. Or put an entire category of items on sale at any time.”

OK, so that’s using a coupon code. Totally normal.

I’m going to hop back in here and change this promotion. I’m going to make this apply automatically. We’re going to run this sale for a week. Doesn’t matter, come up to the register, order online, and I should mention by the way, that same coupon code ‘happytees’ you could apply it at the register. It’s all the same. Shopping on the web. Shopping in store. It’s all identical with hello.

Anyway, let’s apply this thing automatically. All Life is Good tee shirts always on sale for this entire week. So let me give a refresh to the website now, and….uh….hold on that did not work like I thought it would. Let me take one quick look here. Oh, I didn’t save my setting. I just hit the toggle without hitting the save button. So I’m going to give this page a refresh and you can see that now all of my Life is Good tee shirts are on sale. And they have a strike through. So you don’t need to enter a code a checkout. The promotion is live. And it will carry through checkout.

So, really easy to build coupon codes. To apply them. Or put an entire category of items on sale at any time.

Now really quickly too, just so you’re aware: we have a coupon activity report so you can see over any period of time how any of your coupons or promotions have performed. I don’t have a lot of data in my report here. But you can see what your coupon is, how much gross sales have come through, how many orders have come through, and what that total discount has looked like for your store. Solid reporting on the backend as well.

OK, that’s future Friday this time. Stop in and grab a tee shirt. They’re on sale for the next week! Just kidding! See you later.

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