Feature Friday | Item Inventory History Report

This report peels the covers back on any item that’s ever been in your store for its entire life. Watch this video to see it in action.


Hey everyone, it’s Feature Friday. Let’s jump in.

Today we’re talking about the item inventory history report. I know this sounds so exciting. But it actually is super cool.

I’m hopping up into the app drawer, coming into my reports module…bottom left here we have the item inventory history report.

So this report is used to look up the full track record of any item in your store or all items over a period of time. There’s a couple ways I can run this report. I can pick my dates to see the inventory history of every item that had a transaction of some kind over that period of time.

Or you can leave the dates out entirely and pop in a SKU or serial number and see the history of an individual item. See what happened to that item over its entire lifetime.

I’m going to open this report. I just put in, as you saw, a SKU, and here’s the whole report on this SKU.

By default it sorts by date. You’ll see the oldest record first, going down to the newest. So I can see on the 18th of April we did a PO receive…we got five of them in. And I can see the running quantity is five. That’s the birth of the item. First time it ever came to the store. That same day we sold one on the web. And so the running quantity is four. We PO received one more three days later, so the running quantity is back up to five. Then on the 6th of May we sold two so the running qty is 3, and then we sold 1, bringing the running quantity to 2.

“you will see the entire history of an item over its lifespan.”

So you can imagine what happens over time, and this will go on forever, you will see the entire history of an item over its lifespan.

There’s one more place you can get to this report too, if you go to the products module, I’m going to look for this same Taco Shirt, which is the same one we were just looking at. I’m going to pop into this shirt. And this is the other way you can get at this exact same report. So this is my green, large taco shirt. I can just click right here (the variant quantity) and click “download inventory history”. And pop this up and this is the exact same report as we accessed from the reports module.

Anyway, there’s a lot of times when you just need to know what the heck happened with an item, and this will show you every single transaction that ever happened and it will just peel the covers back on any item that’s ever been in your store for its entire life.

OK that’s it. I hope it was fun! Reports are cool. We’ll see you on the next Feature Friday!

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