Feature Friday | Marketing Module Part One

Expand your reach instantly by creating SMS and email campaigns for general merchandise. Watch this video to see it in action.


Hey it’s feature Friday. Today we’re going to do part one of the marketing module. We’re going to break this into a couple pieces because it’s a big module and we want to keep these short.

Hello does a good job of helping you expand your reach. Helping you create more surface area for your store. This happens on the course materials side and also happens on the general merchandise side. Today I’m going to jump into the general merchandise side of the house so you can see how the works.

We’re gonna scroll down to the marketing app in here….. and we’re going to talk about text and email campaigns. So, we are integrated with Twilio, which is an SMS infrastructure. Best in the world. Best of class. And what it allows you to do is set up a campaign and text all of your potential audience a campaign linked to a product etc., to get some reach out there.

I’m going to click the plus button here, and [when you do] you’ll have your potential audience sitting right here. We bring your audience in in a couple different ways. If you have enrollment files we can identify your audience that way, or previous customers, etc. My potential audience is small. I’m going to say that I want to do an audience by customer type. And I want to select students. I could keep filtering down and down and down and down to get really targeted to who I want to send my campaign to. So now that I said students my audience went from 48 to 45. I’m going to hit review on this. I can see all the people in here. And for our purposes I’m going to uncheck everyone and just keep myself checked. So I’m the only one that gets a text message today.

At this stage I can add products, I can add a whole web category, or I can attach something else. But I’m going to attach a product today. I’m going to attach a shirt. Let’s see. What did I call this. Let’s do a Life Is Good dog tee shirt. That looks amazing. OK so I’ve got my product picked out. I’m going to say next. I’m going to build a text message and I’m going to build an email. So I’m going to click this button here which says “add first name to text message” so if your customer record has a first name, it will use it. I’m going to say “latest life is good tee just dropped”. And I can write as much as I want here. Notice how it says two cents here. That’s how much it’s going to cost per customer to send this text msg because there is a cost for Twiloio to send text messages. Check it out. If I were to add a whole bunch more [words] here, that cost is going to keep ticking up.

“As people click through the text message, land on the site and make purchases, we track all that revenue for you so you can see if your campaigns are attributing well. ”

But we keep you in the know every step of the way so you see exactly how much your campaigns are going to cost. So here we go. I’ve got my little message in here: “Come to the store at 9am to pick yours up”. OK. So that’s my text message. It’s totally ready to go. I’m also going to send an email. And I’m going to say the same thing. With “Latest life is good tee just dropped” for the subject.

Now that I have everything filled out my “all done” button is lit up. It’s ready to go. It says right there you’re about to attempt to send one text. The cost til be 3 cents. Ya let’s do it. Boom. I’m going to fire it off and get that text message out there.

You’ll see my little text message lights up right here. I can click here, I can click the link, and now through that text message it’s linking me right to the page on my site where that message was directing me to.

And if I come back to my campaign where I was, you can see this campaign is now sitting here. I can see how many messages I sent, the cost, the revenue. As people click through the text message, land on the site and make purchases, we track all that revenue for you so you can see if your campaigns are attributing well. Or rather doing well based on the link attribution.

So, anyway. The marketing module is super cool, especially as course materials become smaller and general merchandise gets bigger and bigger, it’s all about becoming a good marketer. This helps increase the surface area.

We’re actually going to break this into three parts. Next time we’ll talk about course materials. Super rad how that works. And then we’ll talk about Facebook and Instagram shops. All these things are managed through the marketing module which can bump your revenue.

I guess that’s it for feature Friday. Hope you liked it, and we’ll see ya next time!

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