Feature Friday | Marketing Module Part Three

Blow your student's minds by sending them a text or email with all course materials pre-curated for purchase. Watch this video to see it in action.


Hey everybody, it’s Feature Friday again! This is part three of the marketing module.

We’ve talked about general merchandise, we‘ve talked about course materials, and now we’re going to jump into your Facebook and Instagram shops.

Part three, this is pretty cool.

Really quick, let’s hop over to the product page so I can show you how this happens. We’re going to look at any old product. How about this Counting Crows tee shirt. Notice right here there’s a toggle on the left hand side that says “sell on third party APIs”. Toggle that on or off for any given product.

When that’s toggled on, that enables your product to automatically be uploaded to your Facebook and Instagram shops. Actually let me show you one other thing real quick here. We’re going to hop into the control room. And we’re going to hop into web settings. In web settings there’s a field right here for your Facebook catalog URL (scroll down the page). If you have Facebook and Instagram, it’s free to have Facebook and Instagram shops. And from there you can grab this API and plug it into Hello in the back end. It’s not like there’s any cost or anything weird for this. Just plug it in. That allows us to communicate with Facebook and Instagram and for you products to be posted up at Facebook and Instagram for your students and alumni to see and purchase.

So let’s hop back to the marketing module. I’ll show you what’s happening under the hood here. I’m going to click on the Facebook shop button here. And it will show me all of my products that are currently in my Facebook shop. On the right hand side I’m going to see some performance tracking (my test account isn’t much to look at). I can see all the products are in here. I can search for new products really easily. And I can add shirts, sorry I can add any products I want. I can come over here. I can delete products and just really kind of manage it all. I just deleted that hat out of there. But if I wanted to I can click on it and it will add right back in. If I refresh the page you’ll see my Cotopaxi hat is back in.

“you can tell it to list and it will automatically be up in your Facebook and Instagram shops..”

There’s also some cool little indicators in here. Like if it’s missing a description you’re going to see that. If it’s missing manufacturer you’re going to see that. There’s things Facebook wants just to kind of help your product sell. Description is a big deal. Manufacturer could be big deal. You can see this item is out of stock. So we’re giving you little hints and clues along the way about your product.

Long story short pop your API into the back end. For any given product, you can tell it to list and it will automatically be up in your Facebook and Instagram shops. Pretty cool as course materials become a lesser part of the equation over time, being able to expand your surface area and get your product out to students and alumni is a big deal.

And products are great little pieces of content to keep your audiences engaged and people tied to your store. In the long run it will boost your bottom line.

So anyway, we’re making marketing easy here at Hello through your Facebook and Instagram shops. That’s it. part three, and that’s the end of the marketing module. See ya.

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