Feature Friday | Marketing Module Part Two

Blow your student's minds by sending them a text or email with all course materials pre-curated for purchase. Watch this video to see it in action.


Hey everyone, it’s Feature Friday! Today is part two of the marketing module. Last time we talked about general merchandise and how to text out products to any students or alumni, or anyone you have information on. Today we ‘re going to talk about course materials. And the next one we’re going to talk about Facebook and instagram shops. Just so you can see where we’re headed here.

I’m in my little test account. I’m going to show you how this works. This is super cool as it relates to course materials.

We load all of your terms into the marketing module [automatically]. We can see your terms from the catalog. All you have to do if you want to blast students their course materials via text or email, is click on the term and set up a campaign. I’ve already done this in one of my terms. I’ll show you quickly how this works.

So you have your term. The marketing module is looking for all of the students enrolled in that term so we can go make match on the catalog on all the materials that are adopted for their classes. So we can send them a text or an email.

You can snag the template right here. Just click get template. I already have it right here. And it’s super simple. We need student ID, term name, department code, course code, section code, enrolled, first name, last name, email, phone.

“It’s super easy to fire this thing off. They get a beautiful communication via text [or email], with a link.”

So you bring the data in, pop that into your template. You can go get this data that is coming from campus, we have it all captured in the system, it’s very easy to go grab the data, populate it right here into the marketing template.

Then simply upload your file. We auto match all of the course materials for you. All you do at that point is either select everybody, or just certain students. As soon as you do, you can click “boom” email customers now. Or toggle over to text, and text customers now.

It’s super easy to fire this thing off. They get a beautiful communication via text [or email], with a link. All their course materials are pre-curated. They land on the site. Everything is organized. They can just head to checkout. Makes shopping so incredibly easy for students.

And what’s neat is we track your performance on this right hand side here. You can see all the outbound communication that has happened. What engagement has happened. Meaning the clicks that have happened. And then also the revenue generated from it.

I know my test account is pretty boring. But that’s how it works. And it’s awesome. Super simple communication with students about all their course materials. Keeps you in touch with them. Makes life easy for them. And the goal is to increase revenue in your store. Increase engagement. Incase revenue. It’s super simple.

Jump into the marketing module. You’ll be a pro as soon as you do this once. And that’s it. Next time we’ll talk about Facebook and Instagram shops. With that the marketing module will be rounded out. OK, we’ll see ya!

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