Feature Friday | Suggested Selling on the Web

Add items to items to grow your bottom line and make life easy for your customers. Works for both general merchandise and textbooks. Watch this video to see it in action.


Hey everyone, it’s Feature Friday! Today’s going to be fun. I’m going to show you how we do suggested selling, or recommended selling on the web. It’s gonna to be a good time.

Let me hop over to the e-commerce site. I’m viewing a regular old tee shirt here. Life is Good tee shirt. Dragonfly tee. I want to attach a couple other tee shirts to this. So when someone is looking at this shirt they can see recommended items, and maybe we can get an upsell.

So let me head into products [in the back office], I’m going to search for this one which is a dragonfly tee, and on the bottom left, you’ll see add suggested items. This is a lightening bolt icon. Click that. [Let me move my face.] That will open up the panel and you’re ready to add items to this.

I can see that this is my product so I’m going to open up Life is Good products, and look at all my tee shirts. I’ve got a bunch of products here. I want to add this heart tee. Because that’s a cute one. And I want to add this trail tee. OK. So I’ve added a couple tee shirts. I can see I have two items attached to it now. The heart dog tee and the trail tee. Cool, they’re attached.

If you were to swing back to the dragonfly tee now, you’ll see there’s a little symbol here, there’s two attached items so you can always kind of see that.

And if I come back to the website and give it a little refresh like I’m the next customer coming in, I’ve got my shirt here and below it I have my suggested items as well.

“You can attach as many as you’d like. Attach them. Un-attach them. Super duper easy.”

This also works with textbooks. Let’s hop over to the catalog. OK, I have this book Integrating Expressive Arts, doesn’t really matter what this book is. I want to do the same thing here. I’m going to attach something to this book. So I’ll search for the book in the back office. Notice my lightning bolt is top right. Textbooks are laid out a little differently than general merchandise.

I was going to add a calculator but I realized I don’t have any. So I’m going to add a climbing shoe. Pretend that this is a rock climbing class. And this is some of the gear that you need. So I’m adding climbing shoes to that textbook. I’m going to come back in. I’ll refresh my page. And you’ll see I have the textbook here and I also have the item that I attached to the textbook.

Anyway, really super easy. Very visual in the back office to attach products. You can attach as many as you’d like. Attach them. Un-attach them. Super duper easy. The hope is to grow your bottom line a little bit and make life easy for your customers. OK! Feature Friday! Good luck out there. See ya!

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