Feature Friday | The Announcement Board

Small but's the announcement board. Watch this video to see it in action.


Hey it’s Friday. You know what that means…it’s Feature Friday.

Alright, let’s check this out. I’m going to log in. Welcome to April by the way. Today the feature we’re talking about is our announcement board.

Yes, this little guy in the top left, every time you log into the system, you see the chalk board which is the announcement board. It looks nothing like anything else in the system, every employee has to log in, and they’re greeted by this announcement board.

Crazy useful. More useful than you would probably imagine.

I’m going to change it right now.

So let’s say “It’s game day” (and it’s only game day if we add the emoji of a football in here of course). But we want to tell people, uh, our staff, “Remember coupon code WINRED for 15% off all red clothing.

“Crazy useful. More useful than you would probably imagine.”

”Alright. You can change this as much as you want, any time you want, and it is just an awesome way to keep staff in the loop for anything that’s going on.

So I know this seems like a super simple feature but because it is so different, because it’s so bright and green and whatever, everyone sees it, everyone’s in the loop all the time. It’s just one of those awesome little loving touches that you get from Hello.

So I’ll add a heart (emoji) there because we love ya, and you’re going to love this feature.

Alright, till next time.

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