Feature Friday | User Permissions

We're all a little freaked out over here today watching Jason run amuck in the Friday the13th marathon, but between "jump scares" we've recorded one of our favorite system features today. Grab some popcorn, or dip in and share mine. Just don't miss today's Feature Friday! Watch this video to see it in action.


Hey, it’s Feature Friday and I’m excited to show you what’s going on today!

We’re talking about user permissions today. We get questions all the time like: Can I make someone just cashier or just a manager just an admin? What can people do within the system? And the answer is: we have an awesome user settings…user configurations page. And we’re going to check it out real quick.

I’m going to hop into the control room which is where all my store settings live. And I’m going to click users. You can see your users right here in the left hand panel. This is just welcoming you, explaining how this works.

Let’s check something out. I’m going to click on Ken right here. He’s an admin. By default admins have access to the entire system. So you’re not going to see any settings here because there’s nothing to set for an admin. They can do absolutely anything in the entire system. That’s what I am. I see everything in the system. When you see me buzzing around doing reports and stuff on Feature Friday it’s because I’m an admin.

Let’s hop down to Haley Haymaker here. And you’ll see that she’s not an admin. And since she’s not an admin, every single thing in the system is set for her by an admin. Does she have access to the books in tuition module? Well, if she doesn’t, she can be granted access. And if she’s granted access, what level of access? Can she create orders? Cans she send emails?

Let’s scoot down here. Is she able to chat? Oh and let me say too, let me back up… If someone is not an admin they are automatically a cashier. They can run the cash register. That’s the most basic thing they an do. And then you can just bop bop bop bop, keep turning these permissions up so they have more and more access to the system. Haley for example she can chat but she can’t edit the chat features and things like that. You’d have to click this on for her to have full access.

There’s little tool tips here that explain how much a person can do if they have full access.

This is the control room. All the little settings in the control room.

“And then you can just bop bop bop bop, keep turning these permissions up so they have more and more access to the system.”

Let’s hop down to internal orders. These are purchase orders. So in this case, she has access to the internal orders module. But she can only view the returns and sales and purchase orders. She can’t actually make them. If we were to go like this “boop”, now she can make a purchase order. So she’s a cashier that has been granted the ability to make a purchase order. If that became a job function, you could give her that permission without opening up the rest of the system to her.

This just goes on and on and on.

In products for example, she has view only access so she can see the products, she can see the service items, she can see the information, but she can’t make products. Now you could click this on and give her the ability to create products. You kind of get the point.

This goes through hall of the key features of the system. It just gives you absolute control over your user base to make sure that the platform is secure. You can be confident that your staff can do the jobs that they need to do, but not accidentally wander into other territory and kind of be places they shouldn’t be or create any kind of damage or anything like that. It’s important for security, it’s also just super usable and makes the platform kind of awesome on the user side.

Anyway. Hope you liked it. We love it. And we’ll see you on the next Feature Friday!

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